Entrepreneurs house hidden
in the forest


Can you keep a secret?

It might not be easy to get our phone number or location. However,  once the number is in your phonebook & you have found this place, then you want to come back! Yes, this Entrepreneurs House is hidden in the Forest. Located in the country which is not your usual bucket list but should be.

Leave us your details and we will let you know our next workation in the secret location

How to join?

Your small team?

You can rent the Forest with your small team (suitable for 10 people) for company events and gatherings. You can rent the entire complex or just a few rooms. We can organise the catering and activities as well.
Send us an email info@entrepreneursforest.com for more information.
For a better working environment, we only accept participants who are remote workers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs or people who are starting a new business.


To rent a room in the Forest send us an email info@entrepreneursforest.com. For a better working environment, we only accept participants who are remote workers,
digital nomads, entrepreneurs or people who are starting a new business.


Mystery fairytale forest

Today we have nothing to hide, but we like to keep the mystery in this forest & sometimes we have to keep the privacy of our guests without posting something on social media. Not everything has to be on social media.

After all it’s a magical place with creative energy & an environment to clear your mind & refocus. Just imagine the fairytales and snow-white forest that has a secret gateway where no one can find you. Birds singing as loud as never before and all you can find is trees, hanging chair, musical instruments & endless pinboard on the walls. 


Nature office & rubber boots life

Happiness officers cats & dogs 

Chickens & roosters

Rubber boots & slippers life

Good coffee & special home baking goods

Traditional Smoke sauna

Inspiring nature & superfoods in the forest

High speed INTERNET

Starlink speed 100-300 Mbps

Community house & important meetings in smoke sauna  

There has always been a community house in this forest! It’s built for this. 50 years ago it was a collective farmers community house where they held important meetings. During the last 20 years, it has been a tourism house where have been held private tennis tournaments since 2001. Not to mention that most important meetings have been taken place in our smoke sauna with international people around the globe. 

Remote work & brainstorming magic 

This secret forest is now built for entrepreneurs, remote workers & creatives where a non-profit organisation Entrepreneurs Forest exists (in Estonia we call it MTÜ Ettevõtlusmaja).

It’s a place where different experts come together to complement each other! After all, we always have something to learn from each other and there’s nothing more powerful than collaborations! For that reason we like to sit down in a cozy but not too comfortable seats to have brainstorming, skillshare & toolshare sessions! It’s a place where you can elevate your mind in a mystery forest. 

It’s a seasonal project that gathers people in the summer and winter to small events and coworking sessions. 

entrepreneurs forest - remote work house in Estonia

Not your usual bucket list country

LOCATION: From Tallinn to Entrepreneurs forest

How to get here?

Option 1: Bus

Take the bus from Tallinn or Tartu Coach Station to the South of Estonia (Vana Võromaa). Once you sign up we will send you the location. Bus tickets cost between 12€-15€. You can find the bus tickets here. 

PS! But please let us know if you are coming by bus. We’ll pick you up from the station and drive you to our Forest. There are very few busses to us. 

Option 2: Car

We just send you our location & you can use  GPS device or Google maps. 


PS! But please let us know if you rent a car. There might be other people going to the same location & we might be able connect you. 

Option 3: Helicopter

We just send you our location & you can use  GPS device or Google maps. 


PS! There’s always an option that you can rent a helicopter. Nowadays there are unlimited options. 


The place is approved by Estonian remote work network! The only country specifically designed for remote working.

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